Volcanoes rise sharply above the shores of the lake.
As you approach Palatalik over the water from Panajachel, Vulcan San Pedro lies ahead of you at the western end of the lake.
Two volcanoes across the lake dominate the views from Palatalik.
To the South, along our pier, stand volcanoes Toliman and Atitlán. Public boats, known as lanchas, provide transportation on the lake in the daylight hours. They travel routes, like buses; just flag one down from the pier as it comes by.
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Slide your mouse along the colored bar for a panoramic view from the pier.
The gentle slope of the shore offers easy access to the lake at Palatalik.
Kayaks are available for rent only five minutes walk east along the shore at Los Elementos.
Archery at Los Elementos, for those who might not want a massage.
You might hear this bird greet you in the morning at Palatalik
The house first appears through a gap in the trees.
Stone walkway from the pier up the hill to the house.
The view opens as you move up the hill.
Freestone walls and floral plantings highlight the approach to the house.
Paths and plantings
Steps up toward the house
Small pillars with lights line the walk.
The decorative light pillars let you navigate the walkway day or night.
Approaching on the living room and dining room side
The terrace outside dining room
From the walking path to Santa Cruz and Jaibalito
From the path again, looking east toward the village of Santa Cruz in the middle distance
Approaching up the kitchen walkway
The pier from the Kitchen terrace
Just before sunrise, from the kitchen
Vulcan Fuego erupting far off toward Antigua in the early light
Morning sun on the lake
The Kitchen
Kitchen table and counter below window
Across kitchen table into living room
From kitchen into living room
From kitchen, across living room, into dining room
From the living room into the dining room
Looking into the dining room from the entry terrace
Into the dining room
Looking back out onto terrace
From dining room into kitchen
From dining room across living room to window seat
Living room window seat
The window seat as a 10th sleeping spot
The cave bedroom
The loft bedroom bunks and trundle bed - all extra-long twin size
The loft bedroom window over the stairwell
The living room sleeping couches (extra-long twin size) viewed from the loft bedroom stairs
The kitchen from the loft bedroom stairs
The center hallway from the kitchen, leading to bedrooms and bathrooms
Laundry room and 2nd bathroom
2nd bathroom, with outdoor shower
The master bedroom with fireplace and private terrace
The view from the master bedroom terrace
Looking in from the terrace
The master bathroom has a tub with shower and a separate shower stall
Watch for owls in the evening and early morning.
Midnight moonlight shines over the lake with the lights of Panajachel in the east.